I found him
where he was not supposed to be
right in front of me

he was small
he was scared
all alone
I came close to him

I compared his hands
with mine
they were almost the same
put him up on his feet
and up he stayed
not too strong but safe
the fallen one

he could not climb on my back
so I dragged him along on the water
I believe he was thirsty and maybe a little warm

up above us
there was agitation
up above us
there were screams
a lot of people
a lot of anxiety

it was hard to understand each other
after the mess took over

I took the little one
to safety
it seemed the right thing to do
with those beasts
you never know

the walk-watch go free
they don’t have any fur
but the highest degree
in intrusive curiosity

some bring us offerings
others try to read our minds
to this day we still wonder
what they are waiting for
nor what it is that spits
out of their fire-sticks

we, the strong and the wise,
do not come from the city
we live in cages
years after years

I took care of the little one

when in panic
always strike first


version française

Many, many many many thanks 2 p3o & sunangel 4 their big help 😉

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2 réflexions sur “SYSTEM OF A BAN

  1. Paolo dit :

    A reblogué ceci sur Paolo Belcastroet a ajouté:

    No comment! Thorn between the sadness of the story and the beauty of the text. For once also available in English, I couldn’t resist the temptation to share.

  2. ZigomaD dit :

    Merci😊 Thank you 😊

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