overcoming fears 
is good advice
though it does require
a simple magic trick

enable yourself
to feel them
to discover
to understand 
and to accept
they do exist

facing them then
that’s the easy part 
you're used to them
they’ve always been there 
and as 
you recognise their pace
you get 
they are out of place

your energy and time
not lost in vain
the help that you sought
flushed away the fog
pushed away the pain
bringing further strength
forever blooming again

adding but one single 
tiny angle
it's not only their shadows
which are visible 
the path 
is clear

then gently brush away
the frozen voices
not yours anyway
to begin with

you need not 
to fight anymore
your mind is freed
your heart protected

rise and shine
little one
reign and sing
inner bird
live and thrive 
peaceful adventurer

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