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Old urban trees walk quietly

on their way to the pubs

drinks after drinks, words of the world

feel the warmth of their buzzing leaves


They are one and brave crew

with guts and dreams

one and brave crew

against tedious waves

and the strength, and the strength, and the strength

to knit patience back again


Their song it dies within a bunch of sighs

hopes turn to dust, fear crushing their hearts

their lips dry out when silence pops in

but one single breath changes everything

breathe in breathe out just like ebb and flow

breathe in and breathe out slowly now


Old urban trees neither know

which way one will have to go

but trust it’s all going to be okay

for it is going somewhere eventually

for it is going somewhere eventually

for it is going somewhere

somehow differently


When the time comes they will all stand still

solemnly yet shivering

and when the time comes they will all stand still

or as close as one can be


Once crossed we forget from where we came

go out of the egg, crawling the land

once crossed we forgot our very name

and the secret path, the hidden passage

just like ebb and flow

once we come once we go


And when the time is now you just have one more drink

for the weather ahead no one can ever predict

and when the time is now you just have one last drink

for the void ahead, its darkness and starlight


Old urban trees walk quietly

on their way back from the pubs

they have shared so many stories

about leaves, bugs, and roots,

about nests, birds and fruits

plus one other tale, a lullaby spell


From top to top old urban trees

lulled the whole forest to sleep


quand les bipèdes-à-outils
sauront enfin
et rendre la vie
avec soin
avec sagesse
et sérénité
toute la galaxie
en entendra parler

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Les vieux arbres de la ville

vont d’un pas tranquille

vers les bistrots

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il est arrivé là juste devant moi

allez savoir comment

allez savoir pourquoi Lire la suite

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des amoureux


ou enlacés

des petits vieux


ou ébahis

des parcs de jeux

pleins à craquer Lire la suite

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